How the Winning Team is Decided

Judging and vote tabulation is determined by averaging the 5 concealed judge’s

scores and the scores of the home viewers.


For the concealed judges,

Judging for each debater would be based on 5 catagories, worth 2 points each with

a perfect score

being 10.



The level of respect they give to there opponents.  Do they talk down to them or do they instead try

to reason and persuade?


Do they give a strong case?


Are they just making up stuff to win the argument?


Storytelling and humor

Answering the Question

Are they avoiding the question?


Each debater’s score would be averaged in with the other debater’s from their

respective teams.  This score would be averaged with the 50 person audience score.

 Finally that score is averaged in with the overall score the teams receive from the

home audience.


Voting for the Home Audience


The home audience would vote on the debater’s and the onstage audience.  This

would need to be much simpler.  How ’bout this:

TERRIBLE = 0 Points. . .Team’s arguments and the way the audience

presented itself had absolutely no value


MOSTLY BAD = 2.5 Points


AVERAGE = 5 Points 


PRETTY GOOD = 7.5 points


PERFECT! = 10 points