Rules and Roles

A tournament would consist of up to 10, 4 member teams – that form two leagues:


Social Progressives


Independent Conservatives



Here’s how we determine the winner or winners:

First, there are no matches where two teams in the same leage face each other.  Then

if it’s a single elimination tournament, with 10 total teams and two leagues, the

tournament is over when the first league loses 5 matches.


Honestly, I don’t know why, in the real national elections, they have to have democrats

debating democrats or vice versa.  Why can’t they skip that and go right into matching

up against the opposite side?


A good example of that is we never got to see Bernie Sanders go up against Donald

Trump or another independent or republican candidate.


Personally, I feel, the Freedom Olympics’ model is a better way to determine who is

the best leader for our country.  It’s more interesting and keeps the

 candidates on the issues rather than going into the name calling or personal attacks.


What Happens on Each Individual Show


There will be 2 teams and 8 face off debates for each debate show.

A face-off begins with one of the debaters calling out a debater from the other

team. . . Ex:  Steven Colbert says “Speaker Paul Ryan – I’m calling you out”, both

crowds go crazy, bands play then all is quiet as they face off.


They would be given the topics to be debated ahead of time so that they can be 

well prepared and are able to give their best answers and performance.

Teams would have huddles to plan strategy – just like in a football game


Each person will debate at least twice – once when they call out someone from

the opposing team and then when they themselves are called out.


The Results Show


Shown the following week.  This could be risky because we would try and place the

rivals together, in a relaxed setting, to see if they can get along.  Now, that would be



Important that they do an activity together like playing golf, a backyard Bar B Q with

live music, or even bowling at the White House bowling alley.


At the end of the show, the results from the voting is announced and the next match-

up is announced.


The Hosts



Because it’s a political show, there will be critics.  Our suggestion is that

Roma Downey alternate with Tom Hanks so that it will lessen the critics who will say

the show favors one side or the other.


The Host’s Responsibilities


The Host opens and closes the show, states how the competition works and

introduces this week’s team members and their respective

audiences and bands   They would also act as the moderator 

presenting the questions for each face off debate.




  • Each team on each show will work for the charity of their choice.  

  • At every opportunity, during the show, when a team member is referenced on video, there name plus the charity they represent, will be titled on the frame.

  • This is done so that people who watch, will contribute to that charity.

  • The show would receive an administration percentage of the funds given.

  • Amounts given to charities will be displayed on the website.

The Voice Over Guy


Pretty simple. . . it would be one of the best in the business and the voice over

man for Shark Tank – Mr. Phil Crowley.  


Optional Suggestions:


Each side invites 50 members to sit behind them in bleachers to cheer and to

be an actual part of the debate.  They too are judged, scored and penalized when they

get out of line.

Also, both sides could select a “Tonight Show” type of band to pump everyone up.


Parties or No Parties?

This is a basic framework that would need to be discussed.  Do we base the show 

on the 4 political parties as shown above or do we simply base it on the

individual team captains and the team they choose.  If asked, I would be happy to go 

into detail.