Illegal Al

Illegal Al is about an illegal alien living in Tijuana, Mexico.


It’s a comedy about an overweight, 67 yr old Uber driving,

white – idea guy (Al Bundy  or Garth Brooks  ) married to a 64 yr. old

beautiful Mexicana (Salma Hayek) .


He has 2 grown step-kids . . . Javier who is a playboy/pilot with Aero Mexico and Gaby


accountant with Carlos Sim’s Phone company.  She also, is an idea person and is


very successful


with her alternative therapeutically massage company.


She even gives treatments to her


mother for breast cancer and after 3 1/2 years, it looks like it’s working.



Al is a Republican, who doesn’t really like or respect Trump.  Mostly because of how he brands


and calls people stupid names and never seems to apologize for some really insensitive


comments.   One of his biggest fears is that his Tijuana neighbors get wind that he’s not a


Democrat.  He thinks they might think that he is a Trump lover and either report him to the


policia or puncture his tires.

He is always trying to get his big break by pitching his wild, crazy big ideas like,, &

His wife, Ofelia, is so-o-o-o-o fed up with him spending what little money he makes driving for


Uber and Lyft on these ridiculous ideas.

Al and Ofelia pretty much fight every day.  No question Al loves Ofelia because he tries to tell


her all the time.  He is way too sensitive and tears up at stuff at the worst times.  He tries to be a


manly man but is terrible at it.

Ofelia has a very winsome, gregarious personality with her kids and her Spanish speaking


friends, but around Al she is usually uptight.  She hates that he is, after over 20 years of


marriage, still not able to speak fluent Spanish.  She has even said that her diagnosis


of 4th stage breast cancer is a result of all the stress that Al causes in her life.  She pretty much


never says she loves him, or that she even needs him in her life.


   She tolerates him.

They live together in a little 560 sq. ft. condo that Ofelia paid off with her own money.  Al was


not able to help out much.  So now that he has moved in, he pays the going rate for a room in


Tijuana – about $150 month.  That also covers the cost for Ofelia to wash Al’s clothes and


occasionally cook breakfast for him – when she feels like doing it.  Al never tries to make her do


anything for him because trying to make her do anything is kind of a waste of time.



Al’s big dream is to try and earn about $35,000 to buy a 700 – 850 sq. ft. home for the both of


them, with a yard for a dog.  He thinks Ofelia will respect him more if he does this.


Eventually his ideas start to hit and one of them is the comedy illegal Al.  Now comes the


quest to find which actors that will play Al and his family.


Al gets involved in the casting aspect and gets to meet people like Ed O’neil and Garth Brooks


Al sort of looks like Garth Brooks – having a real bad day.  He is also a singer and a hack guitar