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Jim Dillehay

Jim is a former High School Music teacher and music staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ.  He has been an Idea Guy since his “Freeway Exit Business Guide” concept came out 40 years ago. 

For the past 30 years Jim had a production company that performed at over 2,000 special events and weddings.  He resides in Tijuana, Mexico with his beautiful wife Ofelia, 2 wonderful children by marriage and 5 grand-kids. 

Today, Jim is writing for Television and developing sites from his ideas


Other Ideas by Jim

P.O.T.U.S. U.

Almost completed website that may replace Karaoke and give an option for how live bands perform.

The company would form “TrusttSites” where people can list the people they trust in this world.  This would, of course, reflect on who they are as a person.

Photo of Jim and Ofelia. . . Site is in process of being built

Site is in process of being built

“So Everyone Knows Your Name or Who You Like”

Simple, custom, embroidered baseball hats where a person can have their first name or a hashtag they want to advertise.

I have not had the time to develop the site yet.