Please Give to Mr. Mark Burnett

It’s a funny skit.  But really, why not?  This concept of the FreedomOlympics can make that happen for Dwayne, Tom, Oprah and the many others.


I have been trying for months to get this reality show concept – “FreedomOlympics.com to Mr. Mark Burnett.  He is the only person with the character and influence to make this show a reality.  Please pass this web address along to him.  

I am willing to share this idea to anyone with the influence to get this in front of Mr. Mark Burnett.  If you take the time to do so and Mr. Burnett agrees, we would like for you to profit with a finder’s fee or possibly be on the production team.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for trusting in me and this idea that came from who knows where!

What is It?

It is a sport-themed debate tournament between the biggest names in the entertainment and political arena.



The election of Donald Trump has opened the door to celebrities with large followings. All of the above personalities have publicly expressed a desire for a presidential run in 2020.  Few of them have any actual experience.  This proposal allows them to hone their political views to test the waters before an official run.  



The assassination attempt of Steve Scalise.  Read this article about the Political Intensity in America

Intro Pitch

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What Do I Want?

To be hired full time on the production team and to be credited with the idea.  This contradicts my statement in the video where I am asking for 5% of the profits.  I do want to be paid $40 – 60K for the full time job and have a say in the show and what I do.  You will find that I am uncomplicated and easy to work with.

Feel free to check my facebook posts to see where I am coming from.


Polarization and Special Interests

Our current system of elections promotes polarization and gives power and influence to special interest groups.  


Presidential candidates start the political season by catering to their party – not to all of America.  What good purpose does that serve?  Candidates are elected by everyone in the United States not by just Republicans or just Democrats.  

Our proposed Freedom Olympics allows teams from 4 political persuasions  (Democratic, Republican, Socialist, Independent) to debate each other in front of a panel of judges and all of America.  We have the judges to keep the discourse civil and because they are debating to win the hearts of all Americans they are free to speak their minds and not be limited to their parties’ wishes.  


Un-Civil Discourse

The election of Donald Trump also shows that a person can insult his way to the presidency.  President Trump is asking now for unity but large elements of our culture are resisting, mostly due to his un-civil discourse during the election.  This country can never unite until we have respectful discourse.  


There is also a large portion of our culture, led by our major universities, that are trying to shut down free speech.


This proposed, very real, reality show addresses these issues and because of it’s sport theme, will do so in an entertaining manner.